Maan had always found twenty six alphabets of English and ten vowels,two modifiers and forty consonants of Hindi short to form “words” which he could use to write “something” for his wife,whether It was today or that day when he tried to write for Geet for first time.Even after struggling for two hours that day he was unable to write something competent to convey his love. Words fall short when it comes to show “love”,May be that was why God has created “Kisses”,”Hugs” and other physical means to convey love.

Maan was busy flipping the pages of scrapbook that geet had given him after pasting his latest poem on its second last page.Scrapbook was complete today but still It did not contain a single writing for the person who had gifted it to him.But It was not his fault if “alphabets” which could made “words” for his wife had not been discovered yet..
He smiled as he wrote “I love you geet” at the last page..He was busy rubbing the nib of his pen over four letters L,O,V,E in an attempt of convey how much he actually loved her,when geet came out of the adjoined bathroom,bringing the fresh lemon fragrance of her shampoo into room with her. Maan kept the scrapbook aside as he looked at his beautiful wife.She was busy blow drying her hair with a cute frown on her face. Maan knew very well reason behind that frown. Geet had gone to attend a family function with his mother this evening.The expert comments of “Aunties” about her “Scars” had caused his wife this discomfort. Geet had never given much attention whenever someone suggested her to use some cream or some homemade remedy or try some cosmetic surgery after her marriage with Maan. But now her pregnancy hormones were making her react to such suggestions despite her wish.
“It is possible to control the “terrorism” for once but   poking tongues of the people around us which make this so call “Society” can not be controlled”” Maan thought as he moved towards the dressing table.
“Let me help my beautiful wife..”Maan spoke taking the hair dryer from her hand.
Maan calling her “beautiful” was the last blow to her tear glands which she was trying to control since she had returned from that function.
“I am not beautiful maan..”Geet spoke as tears spilled on her cheeks.
“Yes you are geet!!! and you know which “beauty” actually makes you most “beautiful” woman in this world..”maan spoke cupping her face.
“Inner beauty” is not everything maan..”Physical beauty” also matters alot..God has not only given Rose  beautiful fragrance but beautiful petals too..Why I can’t possess inner as well as outer beauty like you???”
Geet saw Maan moving towards the bed after giving her an amusing smile.Fact that her question had amused him irked geet badly. Geet stomped her feet in irritation as she followed him.
“Look at this geet..”Maan said opening the scrapbook as she reached near him. There was a “Rose” kept between the pages..
I know Its a rose..so what???”Geet asked with a scowl.
I have kept it here when you have gifted me this scrapbook..With the time gone,its “physical beauty” has gone..Its dry now..”Maan spoke as he crushed some of the petal with his fingers..“But its fragrance,it still lingers here..“He exclaimed further sniffing the pages..”Time can’t snatch inner and real beauty of rose…geet!!! Its fragrance would be here till this rose would be present here no matter how dry its petals would get..!!!
Geet felt like a fool to react like this on the baseless comments of some strangers.But what could she do???Since last three months,whether it was her taste buds or her thoughts and reactions,nothing was under her control.
“I am sorry maan..”She said throwing her arms around his neck. Maan kept back the scrapbook on the bed as he hugged his wife.
“Now tell me,what new “edible thing” those aunties told you to apply on yours scars???I would add that to my list”Maan asked in a naughty tone to change her mood.
You have made a list,maan???”
“Yes,I have geet..Let me tell you the list..It starts with Honey then lemon,raw milk,Besan,crushed orange peels,mint leaves,Rose water,Aloevera,Baking soda,Rice water,Turmeric powder,Neem leaves,paste of moong daal soaked over night…and yes..how can i forget “masoor dal”..”
Maan’s list brought desired effect as he saw geet laughing in his arms.
“Now tell me what new addition is there for my list???”he asked further smilingly.
“Nothing maan..There is no addition..Nobody told me any cream or home made remedy today..”Geet answered.
“Then what made you so upset??”
“Some of girls out there were pitying over your ill-fate that you got an “ugly” wife like me despite your handsome looks..“Smile lingering on her lips disappeared as she spoke those words.
Maan felt little anger for those girls as he hugged geet more close to him.”I think those girls had a crush on my husband..”Geet spoke to ease the situation as she felt the anger in his hold.
“Yes they might have crush on “Maan Singh Khurarna”,who is always well dressed,who always smells of fresh cologne ,who eats so mannerly and who sips his drink so stylishly,but they can’t love “Maan”who sleeps in vest and pyjama, who loves to eat “kadi rice” with hands,who burps loudly after drinking the diet coke in one go,who wakes up every morning with dirt in his eyes,messy hair and bad morning breath..Only my Geet can love this real and “not so handsome” maan..”
Tears made their way out of geet’s eyes once again as she hid herself more in her husband’s embrace.
After 6 months…
His fingers trembled and moisture welled in his eyes when he took his two hours old daughter in his hands.She was more pink than the pink towel in which Nurse had wrapped her. Maan very softly pressed his lips on her fore-head as if his kiss could harm his fragile doll.His kiss made little girl open her sleepy eyes slightly to recognize her father.Tears trickled down Maan’s cheeks as he found her daughter looking at him for the first time.
“Thank you so much geet…”Maan said coming towards geet’s bed with his baby in arms.
He lightly pecked geet’s lips as he gave his daughter in her mother’s arms.
“Our daughter is so beautiful maan..”Geet spoke with her heart swelling with maternal pride.
“No geet..She is pretty..your “upbringing” would make her “beautiful”…” Maan exclaimed putting his arm around geet..
What would be call our princess geet???”
A beautiful smile was lingering on her lips as she spoke,”SIYA”….

2 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. palin…. i don’t know how many times i would have read this story!! but i can never stop reading ‘Beauty’ so so so beautifully written. each time i read feels like I’m reading it for the 1st time. There are only few stories tat i would feel so BEAUTY is one among them 🙂

    hey have you stopped writing now… don’t get to read any from you. the last one was Love Zealots isn’t it!!!

  2. however how many times i read beauty I cant get enough of it…..
    true beauty is something that you described so well I wish it would have some more parts and I would love to read it….

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