Geet was in the heaven of Maan’s arms when knock at the door disturbed them.

“May I come in???”

Both of them heard vicky’s voice from outside as they pulled out from the hug.

“Yes you may..!!!“Maan spoke loudly,picking up his waist coat to wear where as geet hurriedly adjusted herself on the bed and started buttering,already buttered toasts.

“Hope I have not disturbed you..”Vicky exclaimed in a naughty voice as he entered inside.

“Ofcourse you have younger brother..!!!“Maan answered picking a toast from the tray,which tasted only of “butter” as he chewed it.It seemed like instead of buttering the toast,geet had put a thin slice of bread over a big piece of butter.

“That was mean bhai…I also want to spend little time with “G”..Vicky said with a wink.

“Later vicky..we have to leave for office now..”Maan answered keeping back the half bitten toast in the plate.“Common geet,lets go…”He instructed buttoning his waist coat.

“ can’t take “G” with you..”Vicky said adamantly as he came near geet and gave her a side hug.

Vicky try to understand..!!!”

Maan tried to make him understand but as always he saw vicky putting his fingers in his ears as he started singing his favorite “Eminem’s” rap..Maan gave a disappointing nod watching antics of his little brother. Geet was controlling her laugh watching Vicky literally “yelling” in the name of singing a rap..

“Listen to me..”Geet spoke loudly removing vicky’s fingers from his ears.”First you tell me why do you call me “G”???”

Vicky gave a cheeky smile in response as he moved towards his brother..“Your answer is here G“..He spoke patting maan’s chest near his breast pocket.”Show her Bhai..”

Maan did not want to show geet that “500 rs” note but geet’s expectant eyes made him change his mind.He took out the note from his pocket and gave it to Vicky to show his bhabhi the “cheesiest” thing done by his elder brother till now..

“What’s with this note,vicky???”Geet asked with a scowl.

I myself don’t know,”G” but Bhai was busy staring at this note when he fist time told me that he was falling in love with you,thats why i have named you “G”..He had written “G” with red ink on this..look here..”Vicky spoke pointing towards the note.

Confusion was still present in her eyes as she looked carefully at the note..

It is the same note you have returned me after our orphanage visit..“Maan spoke looking at her confused face.

As those words escaped his lips,he saw confusion disappearing from her hazels.Soon her eyes were filled with such warmth and love that he could not blink.Vicky coughed loudly to gain their attention which startled both of them.Geet gave a shy smile as she returned the note to maan.

“Vicky would you do something for me???”Geet asked Vicky.

“Your wish is my command G..”Vicky spoke dramatically bringing an amusing smile on geet’s lips..

“Please collect your brother’s Car keys as well as my bag from downstairs..”

“Sure “G”,I would be back in minute…”

Why do you need Car keys geet???“Maan asked in confusion as he saw vicky leaving the room to collect the things,geet had asked for.

Because you would drive your car today..”Geet spoke handing him the glass of orange juice from the tray.

“You know..I can’t drive geet..”

You can maan..Its right time to fight with your fear…”She exclaimed as she gestured him to drink the juice.”Look..I have conquered my fear and now its your turn..”She spoke further gesturing towards her eyes..

Before maan could say something,vicky was back to room.

“Here are your things G“He spoke giving her the keys and bag.

Geet took out a gift packet from her bag.

“This is for you maan..”She said giving him the car keys as well as gift pack.

“Where is my gift G???” Vicky asked with disappointment dripping in his voice.

I have a different gift for you vicky..I am taking a “leave”today and would spend entire day with you..”Geet spoke looking at maan with pleading eyes.

“Really G..That would be the best gift for me…”

Excitement in vicky’s voice did not let Maan say “no” to geet’s oral leave application as he spoke,”Fine,,as you wish..”

Maan saw Vicky dragging geet with him to show her entire mansion as he clutched the car keys in his palm..


Maan could not wait to reach office as he opened the gift pack that geet had given him as soon he settled himself in the driving seat.There was a scrapbook, a CD and a letter form geet in the Gift pack.He opened the scrap book firstl and found his discarded “pages” pasted carefully and neatly in the scrapbook.A smile was present on his lips as he started reading her letter..

Dear Maan..

If you have seen the scrapbook,then you know now that you have a stalker or a silent admirer of your beautiful creations..I really loved all of them..especially “Beauty”,because  It made me realize your “love”…I was a fool to not recognize your love earlier under my insecurities but this story of yours made me overcome all my insecurities and accept your love with open heart and open mind..!!! I know you write so beautifully,hence i tried my hand in writing “something” which could convey my feelings to you in a poetic way..Unfortunately I failed miserably in that because all i could write was…”I love you maan..”

So I thought to take a little help from ” Mr.Kaifi Aajmi”..I know I have confused you but you would understand everything as soon you would play that CD..It has a very famous song written by ” Mr.Kaifi Aajmi”..I found it’s lyrics exactly depicting what i feel for you..please listen to it..



 PS- I have lied to you only once in my life..I think Its time to confess that..I have never imagined “Keanu Reeves” as “Ram”..It was “You” whose face I have given to my favorite character from Ramayana…You are my “Ram”,maan…


Maan watched himself in “rear view” mirror as soon he finished reading geet’s letter.Did he really look like Ram???He wondered with a smile on his lips as he kept the CD on the dash board.He wanted to listen it calmly and leisurely,not in a situation when he was going to face biggest fear of his life..


Maan felt like being thrown from dreamland to harsh reality when he placed his hands on steering wheel.He was on driving seat of the car after thirteen long years.He tried to control his panic as he inserted the key into ignition and turn it on.His heart beat rose as car caught the motion slowly.A shiver ran down his spine with images of that day playing in his mind.He pressed the breaks harshly as he felt he would loose the control this time too..His whole body was covered with sweat and he was breathing heavily.Need of geet being with him at this moment made him insert the CD in to player and press the play button.He started the Car once again as melodious voice of “Lata Mangeshkar” filled the Car…




Betaab dil kee, tamannaa yahee hain

 tumhe chaahenge, tumhe poojenge

tumhe apanaa khudaa banaayenge.



Maan felt goose bumps on his arms as his mind acknowledged the lyrics..First three lines of song made his heart swell with so much  emotions that he felt his throat chocking with tears..He was not sure whether he would be able to listen further or not without crying..Only thing that he was not acknowledging that his panic was long gone and he was driving very smoothly without any fear..

Maan pressed the breaks as he saw the Red light at traffic signal..There was 85 seconds left for the signal to turn green.He had always hated this delay at traffic signals But today he enjoyed that little time as he closed his eyes to listen next lines of the song..



sune sune khwaabo mein, jab tak tum naa aaye the

 khushiyaan thee sab aauron kee, gam bhee saare paraaye the

apane se bhee chhupaayee thee, dhadakan apane seene kee

hum ko jeenaa padataa thaa, khwaayeesh kab thee jeene kee


ab jo aa ke tum ne, humei jeenaa seekhaa diyaa hain

chalo duniyaan nayee basaayenge…




Tears which were chocking his throat,spilled freely on his cheeks as he listened next lines..He had heard of tear of happiness..He had heard of tear of sadness..He knew very well about tears of remorse which he had shed few moment ago in arms of geet..but tears which were escaping his eyes at that moment were not one of these categories..They were the tears of “love”..Love which his heart was not able to hold was flowing out through his eyes..Loud horns of the cars behind his made him press the accelerator..Tears were blurring his vision but he did not want to wipe them today..He pressed the “pause” button as he wanted to listen rest of the song at a very special place.


He stopped his car as he reached near the “temple”..Place where he had seen Geet talking so freely for the first time..Place where she had told him that he was her only friend..His senses tentalized as he remembered the fragrance of her dupatta which was touching his face while the bike ride..In the presence of smile on his lips and tears in his eyes,he pressed the “play” button to listen further..



bheegee bheegee palakon par, sapane kitane sajaaye hain

 dil mein jitnaa andheraa thaa, utane ujaale aaye hain

aise khushaboo fulon me, tum mein yoo hee kho jaaye

tum bhee hum ko jagaanaa naa ,baaho mein jo so jaaye

 pal bhar kisee janam me, kabhee chhoote naa saath apanaa

 tumhe ayese gale lagaayenge..



The urge of taking geet in his arms made him take the U turn as soon he finished listening the next “antra”{para}of the song..He wanted to reach his home as soon as possible to tell Geet how much he loved tell her that he was not worthy to be worshiped by tell her that he was not her Ram but she was his “Sita” whom he would worship for rest of his life..He once again paused the song,knowing that his heart would burst with emotions if he continued listening it..A Person who was afraid of driving a few minutes ago was literally flying the car, lost in his love..

He was back to Khurana mension.He did not have to wait to enter the house to see his love as he found her in the garden with his parents and Vicky.He was in hurry of getting the CD out and meet her,that was why he could not see that he had pressed the “play” button instead of “Eject”..




waade bhee hai, kasmei bhee, beetaa wakt ishaaronkaa

kaise kaise aramaan hai, melaa jaise bahaaron kaa

saaraa gulashan de daalaa, kaliyaa aaur khilaao naa

hasate hasate ro de hum  itanaa bhee to hasaao naa

dil mein tum hee base ho, saaraa aanchal wo bhar chukaa hain

kahaa itnee khushee chhupaayenge..



Words of the song once again captured his heart and mind as he kept looking at her smiling face through the window of his car.His mother was showing her some old family album.Suddenly she was laughing loudly as Vicky tried to hide some picture with his palms.A smile crept across maan’s lips knowing Vicky was hiding his childhood picture from Geet.It was the picture of two years old Vicky playing in bath tub showing all his naked glory.He saw Geet pulling his cheeks while Vicky made a pouting face.His gaze now shifted towards his father who was smiling looking at his family. The contentment present on his parent’s face made his heart filled with a pride for Geet..


As soon the song was finished, he came out of the car. Instead of going towards the garden he found his steps moving towards his room to write his first “creation” which he would not discard..


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