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Early morning chilled wind caressed Rano’s face as she opened the window of her kitchen.It was still dark outside but chirping of birds were telling that morning had arrived and was waiting for “sun”to spread its brightness.Fresh aroma filled the kitchen as tea started boiling in the pan.Rano was about to add milk in the pan when she felt two arms encircling her waist from behind.

“Good morning mumma” Geet spoke as she placed her chin on Rano’s shoulder.
It was not the first time when Geet had hugged her this way but there was a difference today which made tears welled in Rano’s eyes as she realized it.Instead of geet’s dupatta,her cheek was touching her mother’s cheek as she hugged her from back. Rano immediately turned around to saw her daughter clad in white patiala suit.Instead of wrapping her face today,her dupatta was in her neck.There was no glasses on her eyes however they were still closed.
“Geet..” Rano called in a teary voice as she caressed her daughter’s cheek. Geet had told Rano her decision of meeting maan and confess her love previous night. Rano could understand her daughter’s wish to look beautiful at this important moment.
I want to look beautiful for him mumma..”Geet exclaimed..”if not completely then as much as possible i can look with these scars..”She spoke further as her fingers caressed  her scars. 
“You are beautiful beta..”Rano said as she took a little kohl on her finger and placed a black dot behind her ear.Geet had not opened her eyes yet..Rano very well knew her daughter’s fear as she asked her,“ have not checked your eyes yet???”
Geet nodded her head in No as she shut her eyes tightly..
“Check it beta..”
“No mumma,I can’t do it myself..I would open my eyes and you tell me whether my squint is corrected or not..”Rano was able to feel the fear in her words.
“You would check it yourself beta..”Rano said adamantly.
“No mumma I can’t..What if it is not corrected yet???”
“That won’t affect maan’s love for you..He would love you no matter your squint is corrected or not..Now go to your room and check yourself in mirror..”Rano instructed her daughter as she turned around to check the tea on the gas stove.
Geet opened her eyes to see her mother’s back as she stepped towards her room.
She did not want to do that but as soon she reached near the mirror,how eyelids got closed in a reflex.Last time when she had seen her naked eyes in the mirror,it was in the hospital room.That moment had instilled a strange fear in her heart.Fear that a twelve years would have felt after hearing her mother’s conversation with doctor..Fear that accident had snatched something very important from her life..Fear that her scarred face and defect in eyes had increased her mother’s troubles..She had always acted brave infront of her mother as well as society but fear never left her existence but It kept on changing its meaning as she grow older.It changed from fear of not getting any friend in the school to fear of never getting “someone” who would love her like a lover.
But now she had that “someone” in her life and It gave her courage to open her eyes and look into the mirror…
It was thirteen years since her eyes had seen “her eyes”..She had forgotten that her eyes were hazel colored..She had forgotten that her eyes were doe shaped..But now watching her eyes after thirteen years made her forget that she was checking her squint as she kept looking at her eyes in the mirror without blinking.
“Geet..”Rano’s soft voice made her blink as she shifted  her gaze from mirror to her mother.Her hazels became teary as she slowly took her steps towards her mother.She wanted to tell her that her squint was gone but emotions chocked her heart as well as throat. Rano wanted to scream in joy after examining her daughter’s eyes.There was not any defect but only saline water of happiness…She thanked God as she cocooned her daughter in her embrace…
Environment was slightly gloomy at the breakfast table in Khurana Mension today.Everyone was eating silently with their mind still lingering at the incident happened yesterday. Mamta looked at vicky .He was eating silently without making a fuss about not getting his favorite grilled sandwich for breakfast.Gloominess on his face pinched Mamta’s heart.
“I would take maan’s breakfast in his room..”Mamta spoke breaking the silence as she kept the glass of orange juice in the tray.
“Good morning everyone..”
Mamta was about to leave the dining table when a sweet voice touched her eardrums.She turned around to see a girl clad in white patiala suit standing near the door.If she would not have recognized her voice,it was impossible for her to believe that she was geet.Before Mamta could greet her,she saw Vicky running towards her..
“G…!!!” Geet heard him say restlessly as he reached near her however his monosyllable confused her.She wanted to ask him about him calling her “G” but next moment she found his hands embracing her as tears trickled down his cheeks.He wanted to thank her for saving his life but all he could say between sobs was “Bhai loves you alot “G”…!!!”
Geet rubbed his back to soothe him.Very softly she made him pull out form the hug after some time.
“I know that…”She spoke as she removed the food crumps near his lips..“Everything will be all right..”She spoke further wiping his wet cheeks.Her assuring words brought shine back to his orbs as he gave a teary smile in response.
“Where is your bhai???”Geet asked finding maan absent at the breakfast table.
“He is in his room upstairs..”It was mamta who answered her question coming towards her..”Take this breakfast for him..”She instructed geet handling her the tray.“He needs you beta..”Mamta spoke caressing her cheek softly. Geet was able to feel the vulnerability in her words as she nodded her head in acknowledgement making her way towards the stairs.
“Few spots can’t mar Moon’s beauty..!!!”Nitish heard his wife say after some time with a glowing smile on her face.
You can play this if you want…
Maan was buttoning his shirt when he heard a knock at the door.
“Come in maa…”He exclaimed turning towards the mirror to wear his tie.
“Keep the breakfast on the bed,maa!!!”He spoke further as he heard door opening and someone entering inside.”You have unnecessarily bothered yourself maa..I was about to come downstairs..”
Geet heard him say with his back towards her and his hands busy making the knot of his tie.A shiver ran down her spine as her heart felt a strange emotion in new light of realization that man standing infront of her was not only her boss,was not only someone whom she had loved irrevocably but someone who was equally in love with her also.Her hands trembled little as she kept the breakfast tray on his bed.
His fingers halted on his tie as he heard chime of glass bangles.It could not be his mother as he had always seen two Gold kadas{bangles} adorning his mother’s wrists.With a thumping heart he turned around to find Geet in his room..It took sometime for him to realize that Geet was actually present there.He did not let his eyes blink as they captured every detail in her from red stones in her white juties{footwears} to white and red glass bangles in her hands.Smile which was lingering on his lips disappeared as his gaze fell on her scars.A pang of guilt hit him with much force making him turn around once again. Geet was able to read his eyes. There was silence in the room for next few minutes except the chime of geet’s bangles as she sat down and started buttering the toasts for him.
Maan was done with his tie but still could not dare to turn around and pick his waist coast.
“Mumma was saying that I am looking very beautiful today..”He heard her voice after some time.He wanted to tell her that how right her mother was but could not muster the courage to do so.
“Look at me Maan and make me feel beautiful..”
Her words had not only touched his ear drums but his heart also as he could not stop himself from turning around now.He looked in her hazels which were not veiled by spectacles today and found immense love for himself.
“Don’t forgive me so easily geet..”He spoke as he moved towards her.
“For what???”She asked without breaking the bond between their eyes.
“For giving you these scars…”
“Don’t you like them maan???“She asked.Her omitting “sir” after his name gave a strange satisfaction to him.
“You might have hated them when they did not let you play “Sita” in the drama..”
“Yes,I had..but you know what my mumma had told me then??She said,”These scars are my bravery medals for saving the kid..”I have never hated my scars after that day till I saw you so close to Sameera in orphanage..That day I felt bad about my scars after so many years.I thought I would never be able to get my “love” because of them..She spoke as she adjusted his tie..
“Your love???”Maan asked with his heart beating loudly against his rib cage in anticipation.
“I love you maan…!!!”
Her open confession made his heart miss a beat.He wanted to hug her forgetting everything around them But It was not that easy for him to forget the mistake he had done in past.Tears welled in his chocolate brown eyes as he averted his regretting gaze from her.
“I was always scared that these scars would never let me get your love maan!!!..and now remorse in your eyes is turning my “fear” into reality..Please don’t make me hate my scars once again maan!!!…Please forget everything…!!”She pleaded in a teary voice.
“It is not possible for me geet!! I can’t see them as some “bravery medals”..They are something which had given you immense pain in last thirteen years and I am the reason behind them…”He answered in a defeating voice.
“They are not my bravery medals any more maan…!!!”She said cupping his face..“Now they are “love bites”for me because the person whom i love most had given me these marks..You should not regret for giving me these love bites..”A shy smile crept across her lips as she finished her sentence.
Was it possible for somebody to be this good?? He wondered as tears trickled down his cheeks freely.
“Let me love you first geet…!!!“He exclaimed in a teary voice removing her hands from his face.A pink hue touched her cheeks when his hands embraced her tiny waist to pull her more close to him. Geet closed her eyes as her lips trembled in anticipation of her first kiss But his lips never touched hers.Instead she found him kissing her scars slowly.He trailed soft kisses on the scarred portion from her fore-head to neck with tears streaming down his eyes simultaneously.
“You have healed them..”Geet spoke with closed eyes feeling his kisses and tears on her scars.
“No..I was healing myself..!!!” He answered kissing her eyes one by one.Geet opened her eyes only to see that love in his eyes which was masked under the remorse till now.
“I love you alot maan…”She spoke throwing her arms around his neck. Maan hugged her more close to him thus avoiding even the air to create distance between them.He dipped his face in her hair as he whispered in her ear…“Marry me geet!!!!”



5 thoughts on “Last Chapter

  1. Palin dear… um no writer neither um any poet who knows how to play with words for appraisal descriptions… but I just want to say from my heart that BEAUTY is one of those few stories which have touched my heart 🙂 and here by stories I did not mean only Maaneet FFs/SSs/OSs… nope not at all… nor um saying all these just to make u happy awyein hi… though I agree I have the pleasure of reading BEAUTY bcz it is a Maaneet story… if not for Maaneet thn I wud hav missed such a BEAUTIFUL story, jis ki tarif karne ki na tho main layak hu aur nahi mere pass shabd hain 🙂

    I loved “Look at me Maan and make me feel beautiful.” this line the most… bcz this has made me shed my tears that was lingering in the bak of my eyes but may be afraid of getting shed 🙂

    really really loved the story… pls post the last 2 updts of it… the closure and the epilogue as soon as possible 😀

  2. this is one of very beautiful FF…& love the way Ramayan is part of the FF…when in todays world everything is surrounded by outer beauty…beautiful way to show real Beauty….

    Please update Epiloge….as I have been waiting for it…

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