Chapter 14


“But bro you had told me that “G”is very beautiful..“Vicky said with a sullen face crossing his arms on his chest.

She is beautiful!!” Maan exclaimed little loud.
As soon he had reached his home after meeting geet’s mother,first thing he had done was informing his family about Geet and his decision of marrying her.His parents and younger brother were very happy till he told all of them about Geet’s scars and squint.His father,Mr.Nitish Khurana was perplexed knowing his decision where as his mother,Mrs.Mamta Khurana was busy cutting apple silently since he had told about scars.His mother’s silent treatment was her own way to express her disapproval.Reaction of his family members did not amaze Maan as he had already expected same from them.
“Facial beauty is not primary criteria to decide your life partner,vicky..I know you are too young to understand all this but..”
“I don’t want to understand all this bhai..I always wanted a bhabhi like “Megan fox..” Vicky spoke with disappointment.
Maan chuckled watching his little brother behaving quite immaturely as compare to his age.Vicky was diehard fanatic of “Megan fox” but since she was 10 year older than him,he had left her for his elder brother.
“But I like Angelina jolie..!!”Maan said with a teasing smile.
“But your “G” does not look like angelina  either..”Vicky replied with irritation
“like your bhai is “Brad pitt”..Maan retorted.
“My son is no less than any hero..”His mother’s voice intervened the conversation between brothers,making maan look towards her.She had finished cutting the apple and was now poking holes in one slice of apple with the knife.Her eyebrows were furrowed slightly,thus ebbing the beauty of “Red Kumkum bindi”placed exactly between the brows.
“For every mother,her son is hero maa.!!”Maan spoke taking the plate from her hands.He kept the plate on the center table as he knelt down beside her easy chair.He took her hands in his before speaking further,“I know maa,her face is not beautiful but her heart is replica of your “heart” !!!.His statement made his mother look in his eyes as she asked,“Do you love her,beta???”
“Yes..” Maan answered with determination.
“and She???”
“I don’t know maa..I have not asked her yet but I had talked to her mother and she likes me..”
“What if she denied for this alliance??“Mamta asked the question which made her son speechless.Maan had never thought before that geet could say “no” to him.The night she told him that he was her only friend,he had assumed himself that there was no one else in her life.His mother was able to feel the restlessness which her question had caused him.He was surely in love with this girl,Mamta concluded as she ruffled his hair while speaking,”Don’t worry beta,,She won’t deny..”
He smiled slightly in response before saying,“I would respect her decision maa even if she denied but are you happy with my decision???
“My happiness is not as important as yours beta..If you are happy,I would be happy but I am more concerned about that girl’s happiness..I am afraid you are not taking this decision because of “sympathy”or “pity”generated in your heart after seeing her..Love should solely be the reason behind your decision beta…After marriage Your eyes would be her mirror.She would see herself with your eyes..Would you be able to stop her from feeling bad because of her face???
“I would try my best maa..and I don’t pity her..I love geet!!!”
“Enough of these discussions..Its time to take the decision..” His father announced in a strict voice grabbing the attention of all the persons present in the room.
“I am ready for your decision dad..” Maan exclaimed with little nervousness.
“Before giving my final decision,i want to ask you something maan..Nitish said picking a slice of apple from the plate”Do you think she is girl with whom you can spend your entire life happily??”
“Geet is the only girl,dad..”
Nitish smiled at his son’s reply as he looked towards his wife who gestured “yes” with her eyes.
“Ok then, we are happy with your decision..But before taking any step further,you should know about her opinion..Better if you ask her the same question which i asked you..”
“I would dad..I would surely ask her..”Maan exclaimed in excitement after getting his parent’s approval as he hugged his mother..
“No body cares about my opinion..”Vicky mumbled to himself however his voice was audible to everyone. Maan and his parents gave a heartily laugh to his antics..
The cheerful environment in the room was disturbed by a knock on the door.
“Sir some madam is here to meet maan sir..“Servant told Nitish.
“What is her name???”Maan asked little confused by the arrival of a female visitor at 8.30 pm.
“Her name is Geet handa sir and she is waiting in the drawing room..”
Maan and his parents were surprised hearing the name as they saw vicky running out the room.He was too eager to meet this “not pretty still beautiful”girl,who was his prospective bhabhi.
Vicky’s entire attention was on the girl sitting on the couch in the drawing room as he came downstairs.Girl’s back was facing him.First thing he noticed was her clothes.She was wearing a white loose fitted kurta with red salwar. A mismatched black duppata was covering her head entirely.He was in hurry to see her face that was why he could not see where his foot was landing and  stumbled badly causing his “sensitive nose” to collide with the railing. “Nose bleeding” was the problem vicky had faced since childhood.He knew that this injury was going to worsen the nose bleeding this time as he screamed loud due to sharp pain while covering his nose with hands.
Since she had stepped in premises of large villa named as “Khurana mension”,each and every thing had awe struck her with its beauty. Geet felt her “presence” blemishing the ambiance of the place where maan wanted to bring her by marrying her all because of his remorse.She was more determined now to stop him from doing so. Geet was busy looking at “dusty stains” caused by her dirty Jootis{footwears} on the beautiful carpet when she heard a painful scream from behind.She turned around only to see a boy sitting on the stairs with his hands covering his nose and mouth.
“Are you ok???Geet asked as she ran towards him.Finally vicky was able to see her face which was masked properly under the spectacles and dupatta as she sat beside him on the stairs.
“Let me see..”Geet said,softly removing his hands.”oh my god!!!“She exclaimed in a painful voice finding blood flowing profusely from his nose.“Don’t tilt your head back..“Geet instructed as she pinched his nose slightly between her index finger and thumb to stop the bleeding.
“It will pain little but i have to do it..”She spoke further apologetically as she pinched his nose more firmly this time thus causing a painful moan to escape from vicky’s lips.
“Just three minutes more..”She exclaimed checking time on her wrist watch.
Vicky was looking intently at her face but his attention was not on her scars or squint anymore  but on immense pain and worry which her face was showing. Geet left his nose after some time.A relief washed her countenance as she found  bleeding being stopped by her act.Vicky saw her index finger and thumb smeared with his blood as he called one of the servant to bring some tissues.
“Here are the tissues vicky baba..”Servant said giving him tissue box.
Geet looked surprisingly towards the boy as servant called him by his name.He was the same little boy whom she had saved that day.She did not know why but she felt a motherly affection generating in her heart watching the boy all safe and fine.Instead of wiping her smeared fingers,vicky found her wiping his nose and lips first.
“Is it still paining???“geet asked as she caressed his hair so lovingly.
Vicky was busy wondering whether it was his illusion or her eyes were really teary as he gestured in no with his head. For the first time in life,Some one spoiling his spiked hair did not irk Vicky as he gave a sweet smile to his would be “bhabhi”.

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