Chapter 13

Chapter 13

He gave an unpleasant expression as he stepped on a rotten tomato discarded on the road rather than dustbin.Tomato was crushed badly splashing few drops of its juice on the shining leather of maan’s shoe.He looked around to select a person among the vast number of busy people, to whom he was going to ask geet’s house address.After hearing geet’s cell phone conversation with her mother this morning,he found his brain blank as he tried to contemplate what he should do now.Should he barge in geet’s cabin and threaten her to not to marry some one else??Should he propose her on his knee in the presence of whole staff???Both the ideas that his mind proposed felt ridiculous to him.He was not the person who could follow these cliched ways of proposing,though he himself had nothing in his mind about how he was going to propose her..He had just realized his “love” and had given no thought to all this.He had shared most personal and “Worst” memories of his with her.It was not less than stating those three words”I love you” for him But then sudden appearance of “marriage proposal”compelled him to think and act fast and he decided to talk with geet’s mother first.It was necessary to stop her Son-in-law search right now.That was why he was standing in the street in which geet’s house was situated. He wiped the sweat from his forehead while cursing the moment when he had not paid much attention to the house in which geet entered the night he had dropped her in this street on the bike. Geet had stopped the bike at the main road telling him that her house was in that narrow street ahead.

Maan saw a middle aged lady standing near the vegetable vendor.She was busy bargaining for potato price with the shopkeeper.Both the shopkeeper and lady were almost yelling at quite high pitch because of loud music coming from adjoined shop..“Dekha hai pehli baar,sajan ki aankhon mein pyar..”was being played loudly on the radio in the next shop.
“Excuse me maam”..Maan yelled in order to make himself audible to lady.
“What??..”Lady said with irritation breaking tip of the ladyfinger with her fingers. Maan had surely disturbed her.
“Can you tell me where does Geet handa live???”
Suddenly lady stopped her sophisticated task of buying vegetables as maan found her entire attention shifting on him from ladyfinger.Lady checked him from tip to toe before asking little strictly..“Why are you asking her address???”
“Why are “You” inquiring about all this???..“Maan said with little attitude and rudeness as he found that woman poking her nose unnecessarily in his matter.
“Because I am her mother..“Lady replied with the same attitude as his.
Maan forgot to blink as an old saying “First impression is last impression” started ringing in his brain.He had given very bad impression to his prospective mother-in-law.Only when damage was done,his “not so helping”brain told him that he could fetch geet’s address from staff’s records rather than asking random people in the street. Atleast he could ask to a “random” person but fate made him ask to geet’s mother out of all the people present in that narrow street.
“Why do you want to meet my daughter???“He was busy contemplating how he should greet geet’s mother..whether he should touch her feet or simple “namaste” would work,when Rano’s strict voice broke his reverie,
His tongue and his brain were not helping each other as he replied,”Because I love her..”
Rano’s eyes widen in surprise with his statement.
“and i want to talk to you about this ma’am not geet..”He spoke further.
Song was changed in the radio playing at the shop nearby.It was now playing “Maar diya jaye ya chod diya jaye..bol tere sath kya sulook kiya jaye..”Maan found “lyrics” apt for him as Rano gestured him to follow her..
Geet concluded that day “baddest day” of her life as she found  lock at the door of her house.Her mother had not returned yet.
Geet could not ask that question to maan because of her mother’s call.After finishing the call when she went to his cabin,he was not there.There was a note left for her on his table stating..”Cancel all my meetings for today..”.She kept waiting for him whole day but he had not returned till she left the office in the evening.Question started troubling her more when during lunch one of her colleague showed surprise on the fact that Maan sir had chosen her for orphanage project despite her insufficient educational qualification.She was just a diploma holder.
Geet sighed loudly as she searched the “duplicate key” in her bag and opened the door.She was not in the mood of cooking dinner today but as her mother was not home yet,she had to do that.She threw the handbag on the couch with irritation as she moved towards the bathroom to change her clothes.
Geet was venting all her irritation at the poor onion on the chopping board when she heard excited voice of her mother..She was calling her.
“Geet!!! geet!!! where are you..”Rano yelled in excitement abandoning the vegetable bag on the dining table.
“What happened mumma??why are you yelling..??”Geet asked in surprise.
Rather than answering her,rano came forward and pulled her daughter in a breath chocking hug..“Oh geet..I am so happy for you..”
Geet reciprocated the hug with a smile.She had never seen her mother this happy after her father’s death.”Tell me mumma..why are you so happy???“She asked.
“He wants to marry you,geet!!!”Rano exclaimed in happiness.
Her words made geet pull out from the hug with a “frown” on her face..“You met that boy mumma??I have already told you that i am not interested in this marriage thing…”
“Not any boy,geet…Your boss “Maan Singh Khurana” wants to marry you..”
Knife fell from Geet’s hand as her mother’s words touched her eardrums.She looked at Rano incredulously who was busy keeping the vegetables in the refrigerator..
“Where did you meet him mumma???”
“Today afternoon,in our street geet.,,I was with him till evening..I asked him everything about him and his family. and..”
“Did you talk to him about my accident mumma???“Geet intervened with fear in her heart that her mother had told him everything about the accident including the fact she was actually saving a kid when she got these scars.
Geet did not wait for her mother to finish as she ran towards her room to get her handbag. Rano was surprised watching her daughter leaving the house in such hurry..
“Where are you going geet???”She yelled from behind.
“He can’t marry me mumma…”She yelled back in reply as she came out of the house.
“and he should not marry me..”She mumbled to herself looking around in the street for an auto…

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