Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“Coffee cum Tea break..“Maan announced placing two cups on geet’s desk.Tonight,they were working in geet’s cabin.It was fourth day they were working together after office hours.Though it was tiring job but both were glad doing this for their own reasons.For maan,His friendship with Geet was blooming well.Since that bike ride,they were much open and casual with each other in their talks as well as behavior.He knew now that geet’s preferred tea rather than coffee”.That was why he had brought one cup of tea..

For geet,these extra hours of work had given her break from “crumpled papers”.Since they had started working on Orphanage project at night,she did not find any crumpled paper in his cabin.Moreover,she was enjoying this little time with the man she worshiped.
Why did you bother yourself sir???You should have told me to get the coffee”Geet said apologetically.
“Its fine geet..I am not paying you extra for this “overtime”,I can bring tea for you in compensation atleast..”Maan exclaimed giving her cup of tea.
“But sir…”
“No ifs and buts geet..We are friends after office hours and as a friend,I can do this for you..Now finish your tea and resume work..”Maan ended with a bossy tone.
“You are a bossy friend sir..”Geet said with smile,taking first sip from her cup.
Maan’s cell phone beeped grabbing his attention.An amusing smile appeared on his lips as he checked his cell phone.
“How is she???”He asked her showing a picture of girl in his cellphone.
“I don’t know sir..”Geet answered sipping her tea.
“What do you mean geet???”
“I mean that i have never met this girl before,how would i know how is she..”
“ are would you know???”Maan exclaimed shrugging his shoulders.”Actually My mother wants me to meet her for marital purpose,that why she has sent this picture to me“He spoke further looking carefully at the picture now. Geet tried to focus on some random design on the cup in her hands in an attempt to ignore the pain that his words caused her.For first time in life,she was happy that she was wearing spectacles otherwise maan would have seen emotional turmoil in her eyes.
“Sir do you believe a person’s face can tell about him or her???”geet asked controlling her emotions.
“Why are you asking this,geet??”
“You just showed me this girl’s picture and asked me “how is she??”I thought you were asking about her character or it was a simple question about her looks???
“I should be careful with my words around you geet..“Maan said with a smile.”Actually I don’t believe that face could tell something about person’s nature or character but isn’t it natural for us to make our own assumptions when we see the person for first time,however most of the time our assumptions appeared to be false when we actually start understanding that person..
Did you assume something about me too when you saw me first time???“She asked with much curiosity.
“Yes,I thought “This girl must have a magnanimous heart..”
My face told you so???”She asked in a surprising voice making maan look carefully towards her.Her face was displaying such innocence that it made him wonder whether she was the same girl who was talking so boldly about “lust” a few days ago.He knew it was her insecurities about her scarred face which spoke in those words that night.
“Tell me sir,did my face tell you so???”She asked again breaking his chain of thoughts.
“No,your “deed” told me so..”Her furrowed eyebrows under the spectacles frame told him that his answer had confused her.
“Actually geet..It was not your interview day when i first saw you..I have already seen you that day when you helped that injured kid near the traffic signal..I was standing there among the crowd..I wanted to help you but you were gone before i could talk to you..”
She remembered that her face was not covered with dupatta at that moment when she helped the kid.Before he could ask anything about her scars,she decided to change the topic of conversation..
“All the best sir for your first matrimonial meeting..”
“It is my fourth meeting geet..”
“Why did you reject the previous three girls???”She asked as her mind concluded it might be because they were not as beautiful as Sameera.
“I did not reject them,they rejected me…”Maan informed her.
“What???” Her eyes were wide with surprise.No sane girl would reject this man,she thought..“but why sir???”She asked in disbelief.
You can blame my hobby for this geet..”
“Which hobby..???”
“asking ‘weird questions’..I asked all of them one question “Which is your favorite state of matter “solid”,”liquid’ or “gas”???
He expected her to laugh at his question or give weird look as if he had asked something entirely stupid but instead he found her twitching her eyebrows in thoughtful manner as she exclaimed..”Interesting question sir..!!!“Geet had never failed to amaze him.
“You find this question “interesting” geet??.My family thinks this question is my way to escape from marriage..”
“But it is not..I know if this question has arisen in your mind then your mind would have given an answer too..Tell me sir,which is your favorite state of matter..???”Maan looked at her quite surprisingly as it was first time when someone actually  had considered his question worthy enough to find an answer..
“Solid” geet..I love solid..It signifies the rigidity..One should be rigid with his character, One should be rigid for truth and justice,no matter how many hardships time and destiny bring for him..
When i see these solid walls,they provide me sense of protection that i am safe from sudden changes in weather outside because of their strength and rigidity..Anything “solid” can be hold in our hands unlike liquid and gas..One can’t hold water and air in fist,however both can be held in anything “solid”..You can collect water in this mug..Gas can be collected in “cylinder” in your kitchen..All these facts make “solid” superior itself…”
“Hmm…interesting answer for an interesting question sir..”
“Thank you so much..Now you tell me geet which is your favorite state of matter???”
I would like to go with God’s choice sir..”Liquid”..”
You mean to say “liquid” is god’s favorite state of matter???”
“Yes sir…”
“Care to explain geet???”
Liquid is God’s favorite state of matter that is why he has covered 72% of earth’s surface with oceans..God had chosen “liquid” to express emotions that was why he created “tears”..They express both extreme joy as well as grief..God had chosen “blood” to deliver nutrients and oxygen in our body..God had chosen “milk” as food for newborn babies..Even he had chosen “semen” to create a new life…Liquid defines fluidity and adaptiveness..They are also important aspects for life…
“I agree with you geet but don’t you think liquid lacks strength??Solid reminds me of strong shining armor of a warrior in battle ground…It has strength to protect the warrior…”
“Amniotic fluid in water bag protects the fetus from all the dangers in mother’s womb sir…It can do what solid shining armor can’t..”Geet’s answer made him speechless.He did not want to argue more but he wanted to tell her that she was the first girl or person who had understood his question as well as him…
“Excuse me geet..”Maan excused himself as he picked his cell phone and went towards his cabin.
A beautiful smile was lingering on his lips as his fingers typed the message in compose box..
“G” is the one for me..” and sent it to vicky’s number.



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