Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Maan saw Geet’s furrowed eyebrows with a solemn face as she marked his “meeting with contractors” on the calendar.They had been working together on orphanage designs since last five hours but work was still unfinished However as the clock’s hands showed 11 of the night,he suggested her to stop working and go back home.She collected her handbag to leave but did not forget to mark the calendar for his meetings on next day.He knew from her expressions that she was reminiscing that unpleasant incident in the conference room.

“Geet stop thinking about that..”His voice broke her reverie as she wondered how did he know what she was thinking about.Her scowled face told him to continue himself..”Look,I don’t want to embarrass you but I am very well aware of that pervert’s deed..If you are not comfortable then you can exempt from tomorrow’s meeting..”
“No Sir, I don’t fear him..”
“I did not say you fear him,geet..I know the way you have looked at him that day he would never dare to look or touch you again and if he ever tried to cross that line,believe me I won’t spare him..I don’t want any sort of relationship either personal or professional with a person who don’t know how to respect woman..”Maan said with little anger.
“Then why did not you say anything that day??”geet asked.
“Were you expecting me to say something??Maan replied with another question.
“No sir, I was not expecting anything from you..Its just your ignorance that day and your words today are giving me idea that you are among those people who think Eve teasing is bearable till the line of “physical harassment” is not crossed..”
“No geet..I am not one of them for whom “verbal assault or disgusting stares” are acceptable…But I am also not one of them who let anger control their conscience..If i had reacted that day the way i want to react ,then “that” which is known to three persons today”you”,”me” and that “pervert”would be a “hot gossip” in the office..”Maan replied in an angry voice.He was offended for sure.
“I am sorry sir..”Geet apologized with regret dripping in her voice.She never meant to offend him but could not stop herself when she found something contrast to her assumption of his “character”.She was glad that he proved her wrong by his reason behind not reacting in conference room.
“Its ok geet but you should also stop thinking about that accident..It was not your fault..’
“It was not his fault too sir,One who should blame is this emotion.,,”LUST”..I just hate this emotion..”Geet said with expression showing disgust.
“Well..I don’t hate “LUST” after all “we all are conceived in a moment of passion“..Maan said with a smirk which brought an amusing smile on geet’s lips too.
“That is Chetan Bhagat’s line sir..”Geet retorted.
I know it thats why i had already put an “asterisk”,when i said that line with note”line credit-chetan bhagat”at the end in my mind..I think you did not notice that asterisk..”He said quite seriously which made geet break into fits of laughter.. Very Soon maan also joined her..
“Are you serious geet??You hate “Lust”??“he asked after those mirthful moments.
Geet replied by nodding her head in a yes.
“But why Geet???”Lust” is a part of “Love”..It can surely be despicable without love but with love,it is as sacred as love..”Maan tried to explain.
“No sir,I don’t agree with you..Lust is just an outcome of hormonal responses when two opposite sexes come in close proximity to each other..Its just an urge to satiate physical hunger..Neither love nor any emotion can make it sacred or pure..I think there is no difference in making love and having s** when basic phenomena is same..”
“hmm..”Maan sighed loudly..“Come I will drop you home,You won’t get any taxi and auto at this hour..”He spoke further getting up from his seat.His lack of response towards her opinion about lust amazed Geet as she followed him towards the parking lot…
“Are we going by this??”Geet asked in disbelief as she saw him stopping his bike near her.
“Yes we are..Do you have any problem???“Maan asked putting off his helmet.
“No sir,i don’t..“Geet answered with a smile”Its just I have never seen you riding a bike before..”
“You will see tonight geet..Not only see,you would ride with me too…Now,come and sit,we are getting late..”Maan said revving up the bike.
“But I don’t want to be pillion rider sir..”
“What??? You want to ride the bike???“Maan asked in a surprising voice.
“Yes Sir..Would you allow me please???“Geet asked in a persuasive tone..
“Ohk..If you want so..“Maan responded meekly before getting off his riding beauty..He was pretty unsure whether geet would be able to ride it properly or not when he took pillion seat holding his helmet and his secretary’s handbag, but as soon they left the KC premises,geet’s command over bike amazed him.She was not riding but flying the bike with much expertise. Geet had wrapped her dupatta quite tight around her face however its loose end was flying with air thus caressing maan’s face lovingly.Unique fragrance of her dupatta was tempting him to shift more close to him but he did not want a wrong impression for himself in her eyes.
“Stop..Stop..Stop geet!!!” Maan’s sudden voice made her press the brakes.
“What happened sir??”geet asked in confusion.
“Lets have some “tea”,geet..“Maan said in an exciting voice as he handed her his helmet and her handbag.Before Geet could deny or ask something,she saw him going towards the other side of the road jumping the divider. Geet looked around to find some decent restaurant or cafe but none was there.There was a temple at her side of the road and small stall at the other side.Her jaw dropped as she found maan buying tea from that small stall.He was talking and smiling with an old man which was perhaps the owner of  stall.After a while,he was coming towards her with two Kulhads {small clay cups} in his hands.
“Have it geet,I bet you have never tasted such a tea before..”He said giving her one kulhad.
She took her first sip and found sugary liquid elating her taste buds.”It is really yummy sir..”
“I told you so..come lets sit near the temple..”He exclaimed as both of them start walking towards the temple nearby. like bike riding,geet??
“Yes sir,I just love riding bike”
Any special reson,geet??“He asked cocking his eyebrows.
“Yes,Accelerator in bike could use to both speed up and slow down it,unlike the car..One should have such control over life too..”
“Interesting..”he remarked.
“Why do you like riding a bike sir???“She asked taking a sip from her kulhad.
“Well..umm,,I don’t have any philosophical reason like you,geet..”
“That means you also have the same “macho satisfying cum male ego boosting” reason..”She said with disappointment.
“Now what is that geet???” Maan asked in confusion.
“Well..Bike riding is generally considered as a “boy thing”as bike’s engine make them feel the strength of “horse power” between their legs..”Geet’s bold statement made maan choke on his tea as he felt his cheeks burning with some strange sensation.He was blushing for the first time in his life.
“What happened sir???”Geet asked casually enjoying his predicament.
“Nothing geet..“Maan answered controlling his coughing..“Believe me there is no such reason behind my liking for bike riding..I just love bikes because I don’t like driving the car..”
“hmm..”Geet gave an understanding node while controlling her laugh.
“Are you this much “open and bold” with all your friends,geet???“He asked after some time.
You are my only friend sir..“She said as she clutched the kulhad tight in her hands..
Maan only gave a slight smile in response as he felt delighted about the fact that geet considered him as a friend.
“Come lets sit there geet..”He suggested pointing towards the stairs of the temple.
“wait sir..we should put off our foot wears first..”
” why geet???Temple is not open,we are not going inside”
“But there is a “Hawan kund” sir..”She gestured him towards his left. He smiled as he removed his shoes.Both of them went upstairs to sit beside the “Hawan kund” inside the temple premises.
“Geet what is difference between the fire that is lit in this hawan kund and the fire in the gas stove of that tea vendor???“Maan asked after some time.
“Fire in the “hawan kund” is considered “sacred” sir…”She replied taking last sip from her kulhad.
“But both have same “fire”.geet..!!!”
“yes sir.. both have same fire but presence of “Hawan kund” makes the fire lit in it sacred..”
“Love is the “Hawan kund” for “Lust” geet..“Maan exclaimed with a smile while rolling the “kulhad” between his palms.
She responded with a smile as she understood his purpose behind stopping near the temple and tea stall.”Is is possible for a man to think something other than s** after seeing naked breas** of his wife or lover??”Geet asked letting him know that his “Hawan kund’s” logic had not convinced her completely.
Yes It is possible geet,when he sees his child satiating his hunger with her brea*** ..”Maan answered looking straight in her eyes.She forgot to blink as his eyes captured hers under the spectacles.
“I hate it when males are thought as “s** seeking monsters,geet..We also understand meaning of love..Being a girl,you can never understand what would i feel when my wife would show that much trust in me to shed all her inhibitions without any hesitation give up her virtue to me..!!! Why “Lust” is always considered as an emotion solely related to males???Don’t women feel this emotion???Few days ago you had said to me that Ravan’s lust for Sita sabotaged him but in actual,his sister’s lust for”Ram”was the root cause of his destruction…”Maan spoke further averting his gaze from her.
“Not every “male” thinks like you..”She wanted to say but her tongue did not oblige her.
“I think we should leave now,geet..”Maan said taking empty “kulhad” from her hands for trashing.She followed him silently towards the bike as she realized that her heart was in love with this man before the bike ride but now it had started worshiping him…

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