Chapter 7


Geet did not know whom she should blame actually???Herself for letting pen slip from her hands or that tailor who had stitched her suit with such deep neckline.She was busy taking notes in the meeting,which maan had postponed yesterday,when pen slipped from her fingers making her bent down to pick it up.Her deep neckline made her cleavage show quite prominently while doing so.She was embarrassed as well as angry when she found one of man in the conference room looking at her with hungry eyes.She just wanted to kill that person at very moment.She knew it was impossible for her to do so that why she just wanted to leave from there as soon as possible. Maan was able to feel her restlessness and anger as he himself had witnessed entire incident.He was angry for sure but more than “anger”,he felt “disgust”for that person.He finished the meeting as soon as possible causing much relief to his secretary as he saw her literally running towards her cabin as soon meeting got over.

Geet’s nails dug into her palms as that man’s face flashed infornt of her eyes.She took deep breaths in order to calm her rage but failed miserably.It was the first time when she had faced such a situation.Throughout her college life her way of dressing as well as her spectacles and more important gossips regarding her “scarred face” had saved her from eve-teasing.She had not any close friend who had shared such a experience with her.She knew it used to happen in society  but she was not a victim before and that was why she had no idea how to handle this rage??How to forget all that???She massaged her temples as an idea popped in her mind.Next moment,She opened her handbag to take out her favorite book “Ramayana”.She knew very well that she could find “solace” only in the company of her favorite character”Sita”.But today,along with “Sita”,there was someone else to accompany her.
“Hello geet..”
Geet was shocked finding maan in her cabin.She was not expecting her boss to disturb her in lunch hour.
“Hmm..Ramayan..very interesting..!!”Maan did not wait for her response as he came forward towards her table and settled himself in a chair.He was determined to accomplish his “Mission Friendship” today.Besides that,he badly wanted to divert Geet’s mind from that schmuck contractor.
“Ramayan seems your favorite book.I have seen you reading this before too..”Maan spoke further.
“Yes it is..I love this book since childhood” Finally geet obliged him with her answer as she tried to absorb the fact that her boss was actually present in her cabin.It was not like She had never seen him visiting his employee’s cabin before but he had come to her cabin for the first time.
“Wow!!! so tell me something about “Ravan”???“He exclaimed in a serious voice.
“Were not you supposed to ask about “Ram” and “Sita”???“Geet asked as a smile adorned her lips.
Maan felt a calm settling his insides as he saw her smiling.He had purposely asked her about “Ravan” just to bring that smile on her face.”Yes,I was supposed to ask about “Ram” and “Sita but putting such weird questions is my hobby“.He replied with other smile.
“Well,I can answer your weird question then..“Geet spoke as she closed the book in her hands.
“You will talk about Ravan,geet???” he asked in astonishment.
“Yes,I would sir…”
“Ok then,tell me something “good” about Ravan..That would be really interesting..”Maan said in a challenging tone.
Geet cleared her throat before she started speaking good about “villain” of Ramayana..” Ravan was a great scholar sir..He had thorough knowledge of four “vedas” and He was an expert in “astronomy” and “Chemical Sciences”.He possess vast knowledge of “Ayurveda”as well as he used to play “veena” very beautifully.He was a brave warrior and He was very handsome..
“HANDSOME???”Maan almost yelled in disbelief..“Ravan was handsome,geet???”
Maan’s expression brought an amusing smile on her lips.”Yes sir,Ravan was very good looking..There is an incident described in “Sanskrit Ramayan”.According to that,Lord Hanuman was smitten by Ravan’s good looks when he saw him for the first time.There is also a “shlok” describing lord Hanuman’s thoughts.It says,”If Ravan did not have evil aspects prominent in him,then he could be a ruler of “Devlok”..”
“Interesting..I never knew a “demon”could have such good qualities..”Maan gave his opinion.
“Yes he had many good qualities but his “LUST” for Sita sabotaged him…”Geet exclaimed.As the word “lust” escaped her lips,her attention was diverted back to incident happened in conference room.Her facial expressions clearly told maan that she was thinking about that pervert once again and he had to do something.
“I have always imagined a scary face for Ravan..If i had known all this,i would have given him a handsome face..”Maan spoke grabbing geet’s attention.”Hey geet,Have you ever tried to give faces to story characters??I mean have you ever imagined someone as “Ram” or “Sita”???He asked further with his gaze now fixed on Picture of “Raam” on the cover of Book. Maan’s sudden question actually made her feel like  she was caught red he was able to read her he already knew that she had imagined him as “Raam”..
When he did not get any response from her ,he shifted his gaze from book cover to her.For first time ever he was unable to read her face.She was looking like a little girl who had been caught with her hands in candy jar.
“You did not answer my question geet???” He asked once again.
“Keanu Reeves sir..”Geet spoke suddenly.
“What???” Maan asked in confusion.
“I think Keanu Reeves would be a perfect Ram ,sir..”
“You mean,that actor from “Matrix”..??”
“Yes sir..”Neo” from matrix..He would look too good as Ram..”Geet spoke in order to convince her boss as well as herself.She was a bad liar indeed.
“Interesting choice geet..”
“Sir,who is your favorite character from “Ramayana”???Geet asked in order to change the topic of conversation.
I would tell you geet but you have to promise me that you won’t laugh after knowing it..”His statement confused geet.Why would she laugh on his answer??
“I promise Sir,I won’t laugh“Geet said in convincing tone.
Trijata..”Maan told with his gaze fixed on the table.
There was a complete silence after that for a while and then he heard musical laughter of the girl sitting infront of him.”…trijata..that demoness???” Geet spoke amidst fits of laughter.Maan should feel annoyed or embarrassed because geet had broken her promise so shamelessly and moreover she was laughing at him like lunatic But instead he was elated watching her laugh so freely.He tried to look angry but could not do so.
“I am so sorry sir. I could not control myself.” Geet said wiping tears from her cheeks due to laughing so hard.
“It is not at all OK geet..” Maan said while trying to look angry.
“I really apologize sir!!! I should not laugh on your choice..”Geet apologized quite seriously this time.There was no smile on her lips anymore which pinched maan’s heart.
“hmmm Its ok geet..and its not your fault actually…My choice is weird indeed..”Maan said trying to cheer her mood.
“Why “Trijata” is your favorite character sir???”Geet questioned him.
“She was demoness in Ravan’s Kingdom but still she was in favor of “Sita”.She knew that her boss had done wrong by kidnapping Sita and She showed the guts to convince Ravan to send Sita back to Ram…It is not easy to go against “someone” who pays you salary for the “truth and right”..Trijata indeed was a brave woman or demoness,Geet!!!”
Maan expected an other round of laughter from geet as he finished speaking but it never came.Instead he found Geet looking at her with some unknown expressions playing on her face.
I am really sorry sir..I should not have laughed at you without hearing the reason behind your choice..”Geet said with a genuine regret.
“Its ok geet!!! now stop apologizing and tell me my schedule after lunch..“Maan asked in a bossy tone.
“Sir,There is an invitation for you from Miss sameera.Her NGO is celebrating their 10th foundation day..”
“ what time??”
“3 pm sir..”
“ok..It was really nice talking you geet..”Maan said as he got up from his chair.
“Same here sir..”geet replied with a smile.
Maan turned around to leave her cabin with a satisfactory smile on his face.He had given great start to his “mission friendship”.

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