chapter 6

Her vision was blurred as she opened her eyes in darkness.She tried to recognize her surroundings but failed miserably thus making her close her lids once again in exasperation.Familiar damp smell entered her nostrils as she realized that she was in “storeroom” of her lavish villa.She once again opened her eyes.Slight light coming from the only window confirmed her presence in most “disliked”portion of her house.She had never liked to enter in this dark room then how did she reach there???She exerted much pressure on her memory cells but could not remember anything useful..

She remembered herself enjoying dinner with her friends in the party..
She remembered “envious” look on the faces of all the females present there..
She remembered “admiring” eyes of all the males in the party…
Last she remembered words of “adulation” from one of her friend about her beautiful peach chiffon saree while coming back from the party in her car. She remembered her saying how beautifully her saree was complementing her.After that everything was blank for her.As thought of her saree crossed her mind,her attention went towards her clothes.She was wearing same saree but it was not tidy anymore.She found her saree crumpled with its pleats open.A certain restlessness filled her heart as she never liked something “less than perfect” or “less than beautiful”.Her hands got busy with adjusting her pleats as her feet moved towards the door of the store room.She wanted to leave the ugliest corner of her house as soon as possible.Sudden light blurred her vision again as she came out of dark storeroom.She opened her eyes only to get biggest shock of her life.Her saree was not only crumpled but dirty too.There was mud all over saree as well on her hair and arms.Bile rose in her throat as she ran towards the bathroom to take a bath..
“Is not she looking so beautiful in this picture???” Voice of her eighteen years old son halted her steps near his room.Even in hurry of taking a bath,she could not stop herself from looking inside his room.He was sitting with his father, and her pictures were scattered all over the space between them on the bed.
“She is looking beautiful in each and every pic,son..”She saw her husband saying those words with his gaze fixed on one of her picture in his hand..”She is most beautiful woman i have ever met..”He spoke further causing a proud smile to appear on her lips…
A tear slipped on geet’s cheek as she read the lineShe is most beautiful woman i have ever met..” for umpteenth time.She was in her bed reading that crushed paper.She could not stop herself from imagining “maan” saying that line for Sameera. It was paining her alot that he was imagining his future with Sameera in the story.Even he is dreaming of having a son with her.Pain in love blinds rationality sometimes.Same was happening with Geet. Instead of her brain,her heart was working at that time thus making her ponder over “specific” lines which were increasing her pain more.Initial portion of  crushed paper’s content was unable to grab her attention.
With much determination,she wiped her tears as she decided to control her feelings for her boss.He was never meant to be hers,she thought as she caressed  scarred part on her cheek.She felt her scars also telling her same…
He was surprised as well as confused as he saw his elder brother smiling while looking at a Five hundred rupee note{bill}.He moved forward to take a closer look at the bill.He was able to see a “G” written in red ink near the picture of “Gandhi” in the bill..
“Oh my god bhai!!! you fell in love with Mahatama gandhi..” Vicky,maan’s 16 years old younger brother exclaimed in astonishment.
Maan was in his study room.He was busy staring at Five hundred rupee bill which geet had returned him as soon they reached the office.For some reason,he could not keep that note in the wallet.He wrote “G” with red pen on it before keeping it in his breast pocket.
“Shut up vicky!!” Maan replied in  little irritation.“I am not in love with Gandhi”..
“Then why were you staring at his picture in the note?? and moreover you have written “G” on it..“Vicky said taking a seat opposite of his brother.
“G does not mean “Gandhi” here.,vicky..”
“That means you are actually in love with some girl whose name starts with “G”,Bhai???”
Vicky’s statement brought a smile on his lips as he spoke,”I don’t know vicky..Its just I can’t stop thinking about her..Do we fall in love like this???”
“Yes..It is the first step only..“Vicky answered quite seriously which made maan chuckle as he slapped vicky’s cheek dearly. Vicky was most pampered younger brother in the world. Maan was not only his elder brother but his best friend too.
“oh really???you know everything about love??“Maan questioned.
“Yes I do big brother and i know your problem is that you are unable to figure out whether it is a mere attraction or real love???”Maan knew his younger brother was using “his”lines with him.Vicky was in the age where he used to fell in love with every third girl he met. Maan used to preach him alot about infatuation and attraction.
“Yes,that is my problem..tell me “vicky ji” what should i do???”
“Very simple “maan ji”..Just ask her same question which you used to ask to every girl whom mumma made you meet for matrimonial purposes.If she could answer it then she is the one for you”Vicky stated revolving a paper weight on study table.
You mean “what is your favorite state of matter,solid,liquid or gas”???”Maan said as both broke into fits of laughter.It was maan’s fulproof idea to ask such weird questions to girls whom his mother used to make him meet forcefully.This question had always helped him to escape from such girls as well as marriage.
“Are you really serious for this girl,Bhai??”
“Yes,I am vicky but I don’t  know what to do further..I want to know more about her but we share strictly professional relationship..”
“Then try to transform your relationship from “professional” to “personal”..” Vicky suggested.
“and how???”
“Friendship bro Friendship!!! Try to do friendship with her..”
Maan found his younger brother’s idea very useful..“hmm..good idea vicky!!!Thank you so much”Maan said genuinely.
“My pleasure bro..Now will you please share a little about your “G” with me???” Vicky asked in an excited tone.
“Well..She is .umm..she…mm”Maan struggled with words to praise Geet .
“Is She pretty bhai???” Vicky asked loosing his patience.
His question did not surprise Maan.
“She is very “Beautiful” Vicky!!!”Maan said with a smile as his fingers caressed the bill in his hands…

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