Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Maan accelerated his bike as he found the road little less crowded with people and vehicles ahead.He noticed the raindrops falling on his arms as well as engine of the bike and then slipping down further.Sight of Slight vibration in the raindrops falling on the engine,gave him a strange adrenaline rush as he accelerated the bike more.Wetness was seeping slowly through his waistcoat and shirt,thus relaxing and refreshing his upper body with that special “cool” feeling.There is definitely  something different and unique with raindrops as one can’t feel “that” in bathroom shower what can be felt while drenching in the Monsoon showers. Maan had missed that feeling this monsoon as he was hell busy with the project which Khurana Construction had lost recently. That was why he could not resist enjoying a ride on his bike in rain when sudden downpour started this morning as he was about to leave for office.He was completely drenched till now except his head and face due to helmet.As soon his bike entered KC premises,he did not take single minute to put off his helmet.He stopped his bike and craned his neck upwards.Soothing touch of raindrops on his face made him close his eyes.Sudden loss of soothing feel made him open his eyes,only to find an umbrella shielding him above his head.

“Good morning sir ji..” Voice of the security guard of KC grabbed his attention who was standing near his bike holding an umbrella over his boss.
“Very Good morning Nathu lal ji”..He answered removing the umbrella from himself”You need this umbrella more nathulal ji.You were suffering from fever last week.”Maan said further with a smile while making the middle aged security guard hold the umbrella over himself. Security guard smiled witnessing the concern of his boss.
Maan Singh Khurana,MD of Khurana Construction was the “best boss” according to employees of KC.He was a strict but humble person who would never loose his focus or patience in hardest of situations.A slight smile could always be seen on his lips.He was an “employer” expert in the art of taking maximum work from his “employees” by his motivational attitude.Along with using maximum efficiency of his staff,he was equally concerned for welfare of his employees.He never denied to help his workers in their personal problems while maintaining his professional limits simultaneously.According to him,KC’s efficient staff was the chief asset of KC and his concern for this chief asset could be guessed from the fact that he remembered the name of each and every person working for KC whether it was the security guard or the chief architect.
“Nathu lal ji,my driver would be here soon with a change of clothes for me..Kindly collect those for me and send them to my cabin..” Maan said getting off from his bike and moving towards the lift which would take him to his cabin.
Like every other morning,neat and clean cabin along with steaming hot mug of coffee on the table welcomed maan to the office,making him proud of his decision to appoint “Geet Handa” as his secretary.She was among one of the most efficient workers of KC.With a satisfactory smile on his face,he opened the blinds of his cabin to see Geet lost in some file.There was something in that girl which had always attracted his attention. He had always found a “confidence”,a “calm”,an “honesty” oozing out from her gestures,words and stance.She was a rare combination of innocence and maturity.She had never given him any chance of complaint because of her wonderful professional attitude. Maan came to know about her professional qualities only after she joined KC but he was aware of her “magnanimous heart” since the day,he first saw her..
Maan’s car was stuck in traffic jam due to an accident near the traffic signal.He was irritated with the delay he was facing due to this accident.Even after twenty whole minutes,long queue of vehicles did not budge.This made maan to leave the comfort of his car and get down to see what had happened actually.He reached at the place of accident.A biker had hit a kid. Kid was laying unconscious in the middle of road.He was badly injured as profuse amount of blood was flowing from his head.People was busy cursing the biker.Some were also hitting him occasionally but none of them showed the sensibility of taking the kid to hospital.They all were waiting for police or ambulance to arrive. Maan moved further to take a closer look of kid.Kid’s dirty and worn out shirt told him that he was one of those beggar kids used to find near the traffic signals.That could also be reason for absence of any person related to kid to take care of him at the place of accident. Before maan could come forward to help the kid,a girl came out running from the crowd. Maan was little surprised to see her dupatta wrapped tightly around her face and neck as it was a cloudy day with no sun to tan girl’s face.He saw her kneeling down near the injured kid to examine.Next moment,she removed her dupatta only to use it as a “bandage” to stop the bleeding from the wound.It was then maan saw the left profile of her face.Entire part was full of scars.She picked the kid in her arms and left the place with hurried steps while making way for herself through the mute crowd. Maan tried to follow her to offer some help but could not find her. Just two days after that accident,maan found same girl in his office.She had come there to give interview for the post of secretary. He was already impressed by her kind act moreover he found her educational background quite strong and suitable for the post.All the factors made him gladly accept “Geet Handa” as his secretary.
He came back to his table to have his coffee till driver would bring his clothes.Strangely he found his taste buds tingling to taste the “ginger tea” instead of coffee.”Rain” and “tea” are strong companions after all.He brushed his wet hair with his fingers while making a call to geet with intercom..
“Geet,can you get some ginger tea for me please..”
Geet knocked at maan’s cabin with a cup of tea in her hands.
“Come in” His voice touched her eardrums making her open the door ,however her steps halted at the door only as she saw him.He was standing near the window,drenched from tip to toe thus making his white shirt hugging his strong upper body more closely. His well brushed hair were carelessly kissing his fore head today.It was the first time when she had seen him without his waist coat.He had his eyes fixed at something outside the window.His relaxed shoulders and serene smile playing on his lips could allure anyone to find what he was watching outside the window.A soft blow of chilled wind made him close his eyes in contentment letting his thick eyelashes flaunt their beauty.Her mind was busy contemplating whether it was affect of white color  or his relaxed posture,he was looking very handsome today.Even she did not find word “handsome” appropriate enough for him as she put much pressure on her grey matter to find a word worthy enough to describe his looks.But instead of her brain,her heart told her the appropriate word for him.”Raam“…Yes,he was looking like“Raam” today. Geet smiled at her own imagination and her weird habit of choosing faces for the characters from her favorite book “Ramayana”.Just a few days ago she had found “Vibhishina” in the form chief accountant of KC,Mr. Aditaya Sharma.However she was quite choosy with two main characters of the book,”Raam” and “Sita” but today she could not stop herself from imagining her boss as “Shree Ram” despite the presence of stubble on his cheeks.She had never seen Shree Raam with stubble before in any of picture or idol..
Geet!!!”Maan called her coming towards the table.
His voice broke her reverie as she spoke coming forward..“Good morning sir..Here is your tea..”
“Thank you so much geet,I really need this..”He spoke taking a sip from the cup..”So any meetings for me today???“He asked further.
“Yes Sir,You have a meeting with Miss Sameera Kapoor at 11 am”
“Hmm..after two hours..”He exclaimed checking time on his watch..”Hope driver would bring clothes for me till then..”
“He should bring sir,otherwise you will catch “cold” she said with a smile..
He responded with an other smile before ordering geet to inform him as soon as Miss Sameera arrives..
It was the day for geet  to admire “beauty” around her.She had found “Raam” that morning,and now she was very near to find  “Seeta”.She and every other person in the office forgot to blink as Miss Sameera Kapoor made her entry.Her peach cotton saree was very elegantly draped around her curvaceous figure ,thus hiding as well as increasing the glory of her beautiful body simultaneously.There was a single delicate bracelet adoring her arm  in the name of jewellery. Well she did not need any jewel to make herself look beautiful.Her complexion was  mingling very well with the color of her saree. There was no lipstick on her natural pink lips however she had adorned her beautiful blue eyes with a line of “kohl”..As soon her eyes caught geet’s attention,she could not imagine her as Seeta anymore.She did not find that “warmth” and “deepness” in her eyes which Seeta in her imagination possesses,which differentiates a “beautiful angel” from a “Goddess”..Sameera could be an angel but not “Goddess”..
“Hello Mr. Khurana..”Her voice was more beautiful than her.
Affect of her beauty could be estimated from the fact that Maan himself got tongue tied for a fraction of second as it took him sometime to respond to her “hello”.
“Hello Miss Kapur..”He said after a while.
“First of all thank you so much Mr.Khurana for considering  this small scaled project of my NGO”..
Its completely fine Miss Kapur after all it is for welfare of the society” Maan said genuinely..“Hope,you have brought the map of Orphanage we need to renovate..”
“Yes here it is..and I just want you to design as well construct a new building for orphanage rather than renovating the old one”She said giving him the map.
Maan opened the folded paper to take a closer look. Geet who was standing beside,could not stop herself from peeping.She had completed her diploma in architecture last year and was taking keen interest in the projects of KC however it did not come under her job.
You have some idea regarding the orphanage building in your mind,Miss kapoor??Maan asked after studying the map.
“Nothing specific,Mr.Khurana..I just want all the kids to feel “homely”.They all are between the age of two and ten.There are 105 children in that orphanage and I have specifically appointed one matron for group of five children.She behaves just like their mother..I just want to give them a “home” for living not a “orphanage building”..”
“Hmm..Impressive Miss Kapoor..”Maan remarked folding back the map.
“Sir,Can I give a suggestion???“Geet intervened catching the attention of Sameera.
 Yes,ofcourse geet” Maan said with an encouraging nod.
Sir,instead of constructing one big building,we can build small houses.Each house would have two or thee bedrooms with a lobby to be used as dining cum living room.One such house can be allotted to group of five kids with their matron and since there are 105 kids,we would need to make 21 such houses and it would also cover the big unused portion of the land allotted for orphanage by the government..”Geet tried to convince her boss and Miss Kapoor.
“Good idea indeed..”Sameera consented with geet..“But is it possible in our budget???“She inquired further.
“It seems feasible to me and rest can be said only after completing the designs..”Maan gave his opinion.”and since Geet had given this idea,i want geet to handle this project..She would prepare the designs..”He said further looking towards his secretary.
“But I have no experience,sir..“Geet said in a worried voice.
“and you won’t get any till you do it yourself…”Maan said with a smile.
But sir…”
“No ifs and buts geet..Go and start your work right now..”He said in a strict tone which made geet leave the cabin immediately.
Are you sure Mr.Khurana she would be able to do this???”Sameera asked furrowing her eyebrows.
Don’t worry Miss Kapoor,she would work under me..You won’t be disappointed with our efforts..”His assuring words brought a smile on sameera’s lips.
“Ok Mr.Khurana,call me whenever your designs are ready..”Sameera said getting up from the chair.
“Sure Miss Kapoor,I would call you as soon as designs get prepared..“Maan said giving his hand for a shake.
“You can call me Sameera..Mr.Khurana..”Sameera said taking his hand for a shake.
Only if you would call me Maan,Sameera!!!”
His words caused her beautiful lips to curve in to a heartily smile.
Bye maan..It was nice meeting you!!!”
“Same here,sameera..”
With those words,sameera turned around to leave the cabin.It was then Maan saw her beautiful straight hair which swayed in a rhythm as she walked so elegantly towards the door. Maan could not remove his eyes from her retreating back till she left the cabin,leaving mild fragrance of her perfume behind.
Clock showed seven of the evening making Geet to shut down her computer.She picked her bag to leave the office.Like every evening,She looked through the blinds separating her and maan’s office. Maan was lost in writing something.A satisfactory smile playing on his lips told geet that she was going to get one more “crushed paper” next morning…

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