chapter 2

After 13 years…

“Breakfast is ready geet.!! “”Rano”,geet’s mother yelled,calling her daughter to come to breakfast table.

“I am already here,maa!!” geet said coming down the stairs towards the breakfast table.A sudden pain rose in Rano’s chest seeing the way her daughter had dressed .Her dupatta was securely wrapped around her head thus covering scarred portion of her face and neck properly.Her beautiful hazels were well hidden behind big frame of her spectacles.After that day in hospital,even Rano had not seen her daughter without those spectacles.
“Geet,you can remove these spectacles in home atleast..“Rano said serving “prantha” in geet’s plate.Like every other day,Complete silence from geet responded to her suggestion. This was the only subject about which geet never liked to talk otherwise Rano’s small flat was always filled with her nonstop talks.
“Beta,doctor had told me that slight defect in your eyes would be corrected with time itself but i have never seen you without these spectacles..You should check in mirror,may be squint is gone..”
“what if it has not???”Geet intervened.Her question made Rano speechless.She knew since the day of her accident,geet could never muster the courage to look in the mirror without wearing spectacles. Rano could understand her daughter’s fear.Accident had snatched her outer beauty but it could not snatch her inner beauty. With time gone,her inner beauty had increased many folds however  this had increased worries for her mother. Geet was very far from deceiving,cruel and swindle world outside.That did not mean she was unaware of  “meanness” and “selfishness” prevailed in society but she had never let her “goodness” affect with these. She had met that accident saving a kid but still she never regretted her decision of saving him.She was happy that she was able to save the kid.Even today,she owned same kind heart who would go to any extent for helping the needy however her naivety and innocence in this selfish world had caused only pain and disappointment to her in past but it could not destroy her helping and caring nature.She had learned from each experience of hers.She had been learning since that accident but in all this”learning” she had lost her childhood. Rano,being a single mother due to her husband’s sudden death,was very much scared about geet’s frture after accident.She did not know that day in hospital that how she would support and help her daughter to cope up with God’s injustice but rather than Rano helping her,Geet herself had supported her mother. Geet’s ability to cope up with any situation whether it was regarding her reactions to her schoolmate’s comments about her face or her assuring words to Rano when their relatives used to talk,more precisely scare them regarding their future,had always amazed Rano. Geet got matured much before her age as she never let her accident affect her academics and confidence. Rano was proud on geet because she had always excelled in her studies.She never tried to confide herself in a shell because of those “scars”.However after joining college,she started to cover them with dupatta just to save herself from “sympathy” in people’s eyes after knowing about her accident. Since then,”dupatta” had become her additional partner with “spectacles”..She was confident enough to give her opinion without any fumble or shiver in her voice.She never hesitated to make friends,however people she met were hesitant and judgmental to choose her as their friend since school time.This was the reason behind geet not having any good friend except some professional acquaintances.
ohk mumma,I am leaving for office now..”Geet said getting up and kissing her mother’s cheek.
“Don’t forget to take your umbrella.. don’t know when these rains will halt..”Rano answered kissing her fore head.
“Yes mumma,I have already put it in my bag..You don’t worry!!!”
Rano was able to feel the excitement and happiness in geet’s voice.She felt contend at heart with the fact that her daughter was happy at her work place. Geet had joined Khurana constructions just  two months before and she was liking her job of secretary alot. May be it was the place where she was not being judged by her weird appearance or dressing style. Rano thought and sighed loudly while collecting the plates from the dining table.
Smile crept on Geet’s lips watching condition of her boss’ cabin.Files and paper were scattered randomly on the table.While he was able to maintain discipline in office staff,he himself lacked it badly when it came to maintaining cleanliness in his cabin. Geet used to arrive half an hour early specially for cleaning and arranging  cabin of her boss. She did not know why but it never bothered her that it was not her job to clean the table.She was happy doing as much as possible for her boss.Since their first meeting on her interview day,she was kind of bewitched by his persona and nature.He was the first interviewer who did not inquire about her style of wearing duppatta. His questions were strictly professional.He was the only person whose presence did never let geet feel that there was something “wrong” with her face as she had never found his eyes lingering on the covered portion of her face. His gaze always pierced her eyes through spectacles whenever they talked.There was something in his chocolate brown orbs which she had seen only in her mother’s eyes before.Apart from him,geet was very comfortable with the rest of the staff of KC. Even she had made some good friends here.
 Presence of four coffee mugs on the table told her about his presence for quite late hours in office previous night.He was little gloomy too  yesterday because Khurana constructions had lost an important project to their rivals.Project was very ambitious and important for Khurana Constructions as it would have been their first project in collaboration with NPCC{National projects Construction Corporation Limited} but sadly they could not make it.
Geet was busy arranging the files in the rack when she noticed a crushed piece of paper near her foot.A wave of enthusiasm rose in her heart as her hands got impatient to pick the paper and read the content.It might be another “discarded” but “wonderful piece of writing” by her boss. Geet had accidentally come to know about this “flair” of her boss while cleaning his cabin one such morning. He was magical with”words”.Geet had four or five such crushed papers in her collection which had beautiful poems or few random “lines” written by him.She had once thought to talk to him about all this but then she preferred to remain a “silent reader”.Though given a chance once,she would certainly ask him that why he preferred to discard his “writings” rather than keeping them safe or collecting them.She settled herself on the chair as she commenced reading….
I see

the clouds masking the sunlight
making the skies grey…
 I hear
lightening growling
 ordering the water to
go down the way……..
I see
the raindrops touching the ground…
I hear
my heart’s silent sad sound….
I feel
nature accompanying me in my little grief..
I feel
the skies crying for my failure
yet my soul
don’t feel the relief……..
pit patter of rain had become silent
sky is strangely bright again…
my heart wondering
how to subdue this slight pain…
I see..
leaves being bathed
looking extra fresh and green…
I hear
cuckoo singing in voice so serene..
I see
the perfect curves of flower petals..
I see
 a novel sky where rainbow settles..
I feel
cold breeze caressing my soul..
 i feel
calmness overwhelming “me”whole…
 I feel
everything around me enjoyed the rain..
i regret
missing the “glee” of  God’s shower under my pain..
I understood ,my heart gave shade to season
unfortunately “black”,i think……
I shall wait for next pour
when i shall paint “rain” bright “pink”..!!!
Geet’s fingers caressed his name”Maan”  written at the end of the poem a little longer as she smoothed the entire paper with her hands.She checked the time on her watch.There was only 10 minutes left for his arrival.Her steps hurried towards pantry to get his black coffee but before that she did not forget to keep that paper safely with previous ones in her cabin…



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