“Congratulations geet”

Words brought a beautiful smile on 12 years old girl’s lips as her friend congratulated her near the entrance of girls washroom of her school. Results of the audition taken for the role of “Sita” in the musical drama based on “Ramyana”, were announced in the morning assembly today and Geet was selected for the role.That was the reason behind many congratulatory wishes she was getting since morning..
While washing her hands in the basin,She could not stop herself from looking in the mirror.A girl with milky complexion,hazel eyes,small but sharp nose and pink lips looked back at her.She had heard many people from her neighbourhood as well as relatives praising her beauty since she was five or six years old.May be people had praised her before that too,but she was too young to understand or remember at that time. Even now,at the age of tweleve or onset of her teenage,she was unable to understand what made people to praise her??Was their something special with her facial features or was it because of her long,thick hair???According to her,She was a normal girl like all other people.But today her selection for the role of “Sita” compelled her to look carefully at her face.May be she was really very beautiful as all the people say.Since childhood,”Ramayan” was her favorite tale.At first,It was only a  bedtime story for her which her mother used to tell her every night but as she grew older,she was able to understand religious aspects related to story.Her favorite character from the story was “Sita”.Transformation of “princess Sita” to “Goddess Sita” in her conscience as she grew older could not alter her fondness for the character.She had always imagined “Sita” most beautiful woman.Not any idol,not any picture of “Sita” was successful to portray her imagination for her favorite character.Sudden ringing of school bell brought an end for her musings as she took off towards her classroom to collect her books.
She was humming today while walking towards her home,occasionally hitting random stones on the road with her canvas shoes.It was because of happiness and excitement of telling her mother about her selection for the drama.Slight smile lingering on her beautiful lips was noticeable to passersby.She opened her school bag in order to get her lunchbox as she crossed the garden.It was her routine to save half of food from her lunch box for the old lady begger who used to sit near the entrance of the garden.She was emptying her lunch box in the aluminium plate of the old lady when she noticed a small kid in her lap who was sucking his thumb.Impatience and greediness with which that kid started eating the food from the plate was clearly showing his starving condition. Geet knew food she had given to them would not be enough to satiate their hunger.Thought made her search the pockets of her school bag in order to get fifty rupees note.“let me buy some biscuits for you..”She said before walking ahead towards small shop  at the other side of road.It was taking time for her to cross the road due to traffic when a ball collided with her leg.She turned around to see a very cute toddler coming towards her to get his ball. Geet picked his ball as she walked towards him.”You should not play near the road”She said sweetly pulling his cheeks before steering him inside the garden.
Geet paid for the packet of biscuit and was coming towards the road when she saw same toddler running behind the ball in the middle of road.She was panic knowing it was not safe for him to play there but sighed in relief when she found no car on the road.Next moment,she was running towards the toddler to take him away from dangerous place.Sudden honking of the horn made her look towards the left and she saw a white mercedes coming towards them with speed.The way car was wobbling left and right on the road increased panic for geet as her mind concluded that car was being driven by a drunk person.She yelled to toddler to go back towards the garden but kid was too lost in ball.Using all strength in her body,she ran as fast as she could.Just a moment before car could collide with kid,geet reached and pushed him away from the road.She was able to save the kid but could not safe herself.She was thrown harshly in the air after hard collision of her fore-head with the bonnet.She could not keep her eyes open anymore as she felt needles pricking the flesh on her cheek and neck.
Geet opened her eyes to find herself in hospital bed.She looked around to find her mother but she was not there.Tears threatened to spill from her hazels as first thought that came to her mind after getting her senses was that she would not be able to play “Sita” in drama due to her accident.She checked her hands and legs in order to find some wound and bandages but none was there.It gave a slight hope to her.She came down from the bed in order to check whether she was able to walk or not.She could walk normally without any pain.She reached near the door of the room as she heard fade voice of her mother.She was outside the room.She opened the door to peep and saw her mother talking to doctor.She could clearly hear now what they were talking..
But doctor there would be some cure for this..” Her mother said in an anxious voice.
“Yes there is but ma’am it would take time.Left side of her face was badly injured.Skin was almost peeled off  due to harsh rubbing with road.We have given her forty stitches starting from her fore-head ,covering side of her left cheek and little area at the neck.Her scars would fade little with time with the help of medicines but it is impossible to remove them completely..“Doctor answered.
ohkk..”Her mother nodded with a sigh as doctor turned to leave.
One more thing maam..“Doctor said halting his steps.”She had collided her fore-head with bonnet quite hardly.It had resulted in slight “squint” in her left eye But you don’t worry,Its not permanent.It would be gone itself with time ..“With those words doctor left leaving her sobbing mother behind.
After hearing their conversation,geet slightly touched the left profile of her face only to feel sharp pain there.Her feet moved towards the adjoined bathroom in order to see what doctors had done with her face in the mirror.She saw her reflection in the mirror.Few hours back she was unable to understand beauty in her face but at that moment,Destiny had made her familiar to ugliness for rest of the life.She knew she won’t be able to see herself in the mirror after that particular moment……..

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