“You” and “I”

For my “Best Friend”….

You are pretty annoying..
still in state of annoyance,I need you!!!
You are pretty stupid
still for certain guidance,I need you!!!
You are prone to mood swings
still for cheering my mood,i need you!!!
You are very unstable
still In moments of “unstability”,i need you!!!
You are cause of my anger sometimes
still to subdue my fury,I need you!!!
Your thoughts clashes with mine sometimes
still for making a decision,I need you!!!
I am surrounded by bunch of friends
still for sharing some whims, I need you!!!
I can define our friendship in a poem
still to feel it, I will always need you!!!


6 thoughts on ““You” and “I”

  1. Congratulationsssss sweety pie fr blog shlog…. 😉
    hungry fr more poems …n its one of ur best poem i luvd it n vry special coz its fr a best friend…:)

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