They left my eyes and burned my cheeks

along with my heart…
I don’t know why they were flowing
as they were errant today
Impossible to halt…..!!!!
For first time
i despised them to the core….
like no other despicable entity in
the world,other than “them”
is capable of bearing my hatred more ….!!!
They made me feel
they made me feel
 superficial and cheap…
  feeling of self hatred 
  “unfathomable” deep…
They left bitterness in my mouth
they left bitterness in my heart
they left bitterness in my life…
I don’t know whether they were there
 i was being punished
or i should be punished 
because they were there…!!!
Unfortunately still they are mine…
Today i know very well
Why God has made “tears” saline!!!!!!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Saline….

  1. Aren’t they the ones which make your heart lighter and accompany you at times of distress and happiness alike? Why hate them when they are a part of you? Amazing one my smiley Pilli 🙂

    • Oh yeah there are times like those when you want to make someone else cry but end up crying yourself. May be making someone else cry is a feeling special to me, after all me ij a shadisht 😛

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