I may stumble
but i will not fall…
even if I fell
I will not  get hurt at all…..

still if i got hurt
I will not cry…
and if i cried
no tear will escape my eye…

before I stumble or fall
she will catch me.!!!
before I get hurt and cry
she will embrace me..!!!

With she besides me
I am free to commit mistake
and doing blunder…
Nothing can go wrong till God’s earnest blessing is with me
that is my sister’s hand of assurance on my shoulder!!



5 thoughts on “Sister…!!!!

  1. That was so beautiful! Sisters are the best things that happen to you. They are there to fight with you, irritate you to no end but trust me though you ask them to shut up when they ramble, silence from them is the last thing you want. When you are depressed they would not leave you alone…they make you laugh when all you want is cry. They will give you forceful hugs when you want to just kick them, they will want you to pull your hairs out but without them life is not all the same. You reminded me of that one little devil I love the most, and I am going to call her straight away. Thanks Smiley 🙂

  2. As you already know,I am a “sister{Biological}-less” soul,I have written this poem for my bestie..She wanted to dedicate a poem to her elder sister with their childhood picture in which she is two or three years old and her sister is near eight..They both are standing in a grassy area with her elder sister’s hand on her shoulder…I wish,i could show you that picture bratty…!!!!

    • Biologically I do not have one either but emotionally both of us do. I remember you sharing about your bestie who is carrying now. Isn’t she your sister? She is haina. I wish I could see such a lovely picture too but anyway I have already seen it my mind’s eye 😀

  3. so beautiful n luvly … i wish i cud write one percent lyk you … n now my subconscious is grinning at me mockingly n saying.. ha dream on
    found my soul sister in you Pallu… luv you dear 🙂

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