“You” and “I”

For my “Best Friend”….

You are pretty annoying..
still in state of annoyance,I need you!!!
You are pretty stupid
still for certain guidance,I need you!!!
You are prone to mood swings
still for cheering my mood,i need you!!!
You are very unstable
still In moments of “unstability”,i need you!!!
You are cause of my anger sometimes
still to subdue my fury,I need you!!!
Your thoughts clashes with mine sometimes
still for making a decision,I need you!!!
I am surrounded by bunch of friends
still for sharing some whims, I need you!!!
I can define our friendship in a poem
still to feel it, I will always need you!!!



They left my eyes and burned my cheeks

along with my heart…
I don’t know why they were flowing
as they were errant today
Impossible to halt…..!!!!
For first time
i despised them to the core….
like no other despicable entity in
the world,other than “them”
is capable of bearing my hatred more ….!!!
They made me feel
they made me feel
 superficial and cheap…
  feeling of self hatred 
  “unfathomable” deep…
They left bitterness in my mouth
they left bitterness in my heart
they left bitterness in my life…
I don’t know whether they were there
 i was being punished
or i should be punished 
because they were there…!!!
Unfortunately still they are mine…
Today i know very well
Why God has made “tears” saline!!!!!!!!!!!



I may stumble
but i will not fall…
even if I fell
I will not  get hurt at all…..

still if i got hurt
I will not cry…
and if i cried
no tear will escape my eye…

before I stumble or fall
she will catch me.!!!
before I get hurt and cry
she will embrace me..!!!

With she besides me
I am free to commit mistake
and doing blunder…
Nothing can go wrong till God’s earnest blessing is with me
that is my sister’s hand of assurance on my shoulder!!