It is beyond the boundaries of atom,molecules,shape,size,color,smell or any other physical fences.It is always around you.It can voice in the words which escapes your mouth.It can reflect in your orbs.It can act in your actions.It can flow with blood in your veins.It can beat with your heart.It can be inhaled with the air you breathe.It can rustle with the wind which makes leaves in your garden move.It can sing with bumble bee which roams around freshly blossomed marigold flowers.

At that particular moment,It was helping an “ant” to carry a food granule three times bigger than her size,when it noticed a girl sitting on a bench.Her eyes were roaming around with restlessness dripping from them.She looked everything around her with certain disinterest.Flowers,trees,fresh air,nothing was able to please her.Occasionally she would check her cell phone.When ant was able to take food to colony,it mingled itself with the air which caressed some of tresses on girl’s forehead.She cursed the air,securing her hair with pins to avoid them from poking in her eyes…Soon she found a sparrow on her bench singing.It now changed itself to the symphony and got mixed with the song  of the sparrow in an attempt to touch girl’s eardrums.But she found sparrow’s song irking.With a bang of newspaper lying near her foot,she was successful to scare the little creature and make it fly.When girl did not let it come near her in any way,it settled itself on a flower bud and kept watching her. Girl’s eyes reflected amusement suddenly as she watched a toddler in the garden.He was busy emptying a match box.His eyebrows were scrunched in concentration like he was doing the most sophisticated task in the world.Once match box was empty,his little fingers started collecting the match sticks from the ground.He would have collected all the match sticks if his mother had not disturbed him.It was his feeding time.Mother took the toddler in her lap and settled on another bench in garden.Soon mother pushed the nipple of feeding bottle in his little mouth..Same sparrow was now jumping on their bench,distracting the kid from the act of feeding.His eyes shone with excitement with the movement of creature on the bench and his lips abandoned the bottle.Mother once again tried to feed him.
It,”the belief” entered the feeding bottle to get mixed with milk.As it touched kid’s tongue and made its way down to the throat,kids once again left the feeding bottle.His little chubby fingers caught his mother’s face and made her look towards the sparrow.Mother was perplexed by his action.As the mother looked back at his son’s face,she found him blowing with his mouth towards the sparrow,kicking his legs along in excitement.Sudden movement made the sparrow flew again.Kid clapped his hands in glee.He looked at his mother with pride in the eyes that his strong blow had made the sparrow fly.Mother understood his act and kissed his cheek baby is so strong.he made the bird fly…She said showing her love..
Girl who was watching the entire incident got up with her mind busy mocking the stupidity of kid..It saw her leaving and felt sorry for her.Nothing in the world was able to remove that restlessness from her thought and made its way in search of another person or thing who was in dire need of it and who was waiting for it with open arms…!!!!

6 thoughts on “It…

    • I am again sorry bratty..But it was result of my impulsiveness just like you..If you have not created your own blog, i would have never checked mine..I checked it just to drop a comment for you..
      You can’t imagine how much strain i had to put on my brain cells just to remember my password…

      • i swear to god, one more time you say sorry I will call you Dadi amma, not even Di. Hmph
        PS: I just realized I can’t stay miffed at you for long. Sigh!
        PPS: Happy Dash day lmao

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